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978 90 6224 989 3

Paperback, with 300 black and white photographs

168 pp pages



Liesbeth Sluiter : The Mekong Currency

Lives and times of a river,



The Mekong River journeys through China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam before spilling into the South China Sea.

This book tells the story of the rivers wealth, its currency of silt, floods, fisheries, replenished and distributed to millions of people every year. It is the story of how the rivers currency works for people, and how people work with this currency. But it is also the story of development projects - of dams, megawatts and money. Prestigious dam projects are planned which will alter the character of the river, affect the supply of water downstream, and force hundreds of thousands of people to resettle. The economic benefits of the projects are dubious.


Judging from the past, this development proposed for the Lower Mekong Basin will be at the expense of the communities portrayed and documented in this book. The river and its people are portrayed in 300 stunning black and white photographs and in poignant texts.

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