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978 90 6224 878 0


408 pages



O.J. Vrieze, G.M. Boas and J.H.A. Janssen : A Simulation Model for the Future Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease



Enables the user to design future scenarios pertaining to the prevalence and costs of coronary heart disease, and to calculate the consequences of these scenarios. The user-friendly program diskette can be run on any modern PC with a DOS operating system.

The model is based on the following elements:

  • the distribution of risk factors within the population;
  • the effect of preventative measures on the distribution of risk factors;
  • the effect this has on the risk of heart failure;
  • the course of the illness, likelihood that a heart attack will result in death, and therapeutic care;
  • and the influence of treatment on the chance of survival, the quality of life and the level of medical costs.
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