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2002 pages




Frank Muhereza & Peter Otim : Pastoral Resource Competition in Uganda

Case Studies Into Commercial Livestock Ranching and Pastoral Institutions



In the Ankole region the over-riding concern since the colonial period has been the commercialisation of livestock production through the introduction of commercial ranching. The lack of succes in this is not only due to the political and economic crises over the years, but to a failure to understand the underlying bottlenecks faced by the various categories of cattle keepers.


In pastoral Karamoja the proliferation of firearms has had a profound impact on the organization of herd management. The inherent military organization of the herding co-operatives made the Ngakarimojong people adapt not only to changes in their physical environment but also to regional political factors, especially insecurity.



Frank Emmanuel Muhereza obtained a diploma in Development Studies from Cambridge University. Peter Otim holds a MPh in Social Antropology from the University of Bergen, Norway. Both authors are currently research fellow at the Centre for Basic Research in Kampala, Uganda.

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