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978 90 6224 986 2

15 x 22 cm

112 pages



Anoja Wickramasinghe : Deforestation, Women and Forestry

The case of Sri Lanka



One of today's most pressing challenges is to find strategic solutions to deforestation, and to strengthen the sustainable management of forests. In Sri Lanka, the traditional contribution of local communities in sustainable forest and tree management has always been significant. The communities now, however, are almost fully excluded from this task.


In two unique and detailed case studies, Anoja Wickramasinghe explores historical trends that have led to deforestation and women's loss of control over resources. The conflicting priorities of forestry professionals and rural women surface in these studies. In the few instances in which communities do participate in forestry, they participate as cheap labourers in the production of timber, and never at the level of planning and design.

In Deforestation, Women and Forestry Ms Wickramasinghe argues a strong case for creating more community involvement in professional forestry. With their close involvement in day to day survival, women in rural areas are knowledgeable in the multiple uses of natural resources. As such, they are potential planners and designers, with the capability of changing the present negative situation.

This book is of particular interest to students and specialists in the areas of: environment, development, forestry, gender, women, Asia and Sri Lanka.



'"The case studies at the core of the book provide an interesting introduction to some interesting, important information on an important area." Oxford Journals

"This studies argues forcefully for a rethinking and change of approach in Sri Lankan forest policy. Readable and accessible to non-foresters." Commonwealth Forestry Review'


Anoja Wickramasinghe is a professor in the department of Geography at Peradeniya University in Sri Lanka. She researches and lectures in forest ecology and socio-economic development, and has wide experience as consultant and advisor to national and international agencies.In cooperation with the Institute for Development Research Amsterdam (InDRA)

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