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978 90 6224 984 8


416 pages



Noeleen Heyzer and Gita Sen (eds.) : Gender, Economic Growth & Poverty

Market growth and state planning in Asia and the Pacific



This volume looks at the extent to which macro-planning and major poverty alleviation programmes of the Asia-Pacific region concretely benefit women. It thus provides a regional perspective on the interrelationships of gender, economic growth and poverty. The essays (a selection from papers presented at a meeting on the subject in Viet-Nam) focus on issues related to the interlinkages between macro-economic patterns and gender and poverty situations, major approaches to gender issues and poverty alleviation, and new possibilities to promote gender equity and reduce poverty.


The discussions aim to evaluate the extent to which these approaches have benefited or harmed the poor and their impact on a range of activities crucial to socio-economic development. Of central concern is the formulation and implementation of development programmes that are responsive to the needs and realities of women in poverty groups, the types of adjustment or new approaches to be designed and factors responsible for successes and failures. The papers lay the ground for a discussion on possible strategies for the future.

Of particular interest to students, researchers and workers in the field of development, women, world economy, poverty and the third world.



Noeleen Heyzer is co-ordinator of the Women in Development Unit of the Asia Pacific Development Centre, in Malaysia. She has written and published widely on gender issues in development. Among her publications is an edited volume entitled Working Women in South-East Asia: Development, Subordination and Emancipation. GITA SEN is currently with the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Among her publications is the co-edited volume (with Karen Grown) Development Alternatives for Women in a New Era.

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