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by Sir Michael Somare, first Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

978 90 6224 988 6


142 pages



Peter Donigi : Indigenous or Aboriginal Rights to Property

A Papua New Guinea perspective



Peter Donigi reviews the rights of indigenous landowners of Papua New Guinea within the current legislative and constitutional framework, in the light of existing international law and United Nations Declarations on the subject of indigenous rights.


The current Papua New Guinea legislative scheme has disenfranchised the landowners of their constitutional and internationally recognised right to property. It makes the landowners dependent on the goodwill of the state and on the mining and petroleum companies and denies them the right to a bargaining position. For as long as this situation remains, Donigi argues, all gold, minerals and petroleum currently exploited from land owned by indigenous populations are subject to legal challenge.

For as long as this situation continues, new mines such as the Lihir gold mine will remain hotbeds for future conflicts.



'"Forceful, well-presented argument

which has application far beyond the Pacific"

Higher Values'


Peter Donigi CBE is a prominent PNG lawyer. His previous positions include Public Prosecutor, legal advisor to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Head of Mission to European Communities, and Special Representative to the United Nations and Papua New Guinea Ambassador to Germany with accreditation to the Holy See. Peter Donigi will succeed his father as Chief of the Badeabus clan of the Arapesh linguistic group in the Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea.

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