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preface James Howard Kunstler

978 90 5727 042 0

Paperback 174 photo's, 66 maps

324 pages




J. H. Crawford : Carfree Cities



Imagine a city free of the noise, stench, and danger of cars. It is possible! Imagine you live in a city free of the noise, stench and danger of cars, trucks and buses. Imagine all your needs, from groceries to child care, are within a ten-minute walk to your home. Imagine that the longest commute within your city takes 35 minutes from door to door, by way of a cheap, safe and convenient public transportation system that does not exacerbate global warming.


This is precisely the future that J. H. Crawford envisions in Carfree Cities, which unapologetically argues that modern car usage is an example of technology that has been propriately applied, and that the time has come to reclaim city streets for human activity. Reaching far beyond the obvious asthetic objections and concerns for physical health, comfort and safety, he looks to geologists' predictions about the future of petroleum-based car use and analyzes the alarming statistics of global energy resources and environmental damage in relation to the projected demographics of the earth's ever-increasing population.

Working from the position that the carfree city is the cornerstone of sustainable development, Crawford outlines a city structure carefully designed to maximize the quality of life for individuals and communities worldwide, and gives practical suggestions for gradually implementing the reference design in existing cities, and especially for the creation of new ones. In the face of a society that seems to unquestionably accept the deterioration of our modern quality of life, Carfree Cities is a beacon of sanity that offers a starting place to discuss practical solutions to the danger, pollution and breakdown of social systems which are a direct result of autocentrism. By rejecting the assumption that continued car use in cities is inescapable, Crawford takes us one step closer to the tantalizing possibility of returning to the natural human pattern of lively and productive street life enjoyed for thousands of years, and disrupted just 70 years ago with the advent of automobiles.



  • Yardsticks for Cities
  • Cities & Transport
  • Wicked Cars
  • Better Public Transport
  • Sustainable Cities


  • Design Parameters
  • City topology
  • City Districts
  • City Blocks
  • Buildings
  • Passenger Transport
  • Freight delivery


  • Support for Carfree Cities
  • Planning Carfree Cities
  • Some Modest Proposals
  • Making Magic


Visit the author's site at carfree.com.

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