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256 pages



Martijntje Smits (Ed.) : Polymer Products and Waste Management

A multidisciplinary approach



Polymer waste products form an industrial problem how we deal with them on a technical level, and a social problemóhow societies deal with the problem of polymer wastes. Polymers symbolize the dilemmas of a highly industrialized society: we can't live without them, but at the same time they cause environmental problems we cannot deal with. To fully understand the problems and the issues, we need to approach the subject from a number of angles. And while these sounds like a logical thing to do, it has not yet been done. Researchers of the Polymer Products and Waste Management multidisciplinary research programme at the University of Twente have undertaken the task., with fascinating results.


There are seven projects in the Polymer Products and Waste Management programme.Three address chemical/technical problems: 1. ecycling polymer wastes using high temperature pyrolysis; 2. creating biodegradeable polymers; and 3. recycling a combination of waste products to create new plastics.

A further three projects concentrate on the social aspects: 1. the investment potential of polymer waste technology; 2. research into how society experiences and accepts present levels of environmental risk; and 3. the feasibility of waste management policy.

The seventh project is an environmental-philosophical analysis of the polymer waste problem.



'"This books presents a substantive state-of-the-art introduction to important developments in polymer waste technology. It is a multidiciplinary approach, particularly appealing as it integrates social and economic factors with technological factors." Prof. dr.ir. L.C.E. Struik - Director of Materials, DSM Research.'


Aswin Bartels is working on a PhD in business administration Dr. Hans van den Berg has a PhD in polymer physical chemistry Dr Piet Dijkstra in biomedical materials science Prof. Dr. Jan Feijen is professor in biomaterials Dr. J.M. Gutteling is senior researcher in social psychology Martijn Hackmann is junior researcher in the materials science and polymer technology Dr. Ir. Hans Kuipers is senior researcher with the Reactor Enginee ring Group Prof. Dr. Martin M–ller is professor of macromolecular chemistry at the German University of Ulm and Jeannette Schuddeboom is research assistant at the Center for Clean Technology and Environmental Policy at Twente University Martijntje Smits, the editor of this book, is research assistant with the Twente University philosophy department Jon Spijker is an environmental scientist Henk Stapert is a polymer and bio-materials scientist, and Prof. Dr. Wim van Swaay is professor of chemical engineering science Sicco de Vos studied chemical tech nology and is writing his PhD on material sciences Ron Westerhout studied reactor engineering and is working on a PhD on reactor engineering and Prof. Dr. Oene Wiegman is professor in social psychology.

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