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978 90 5727 007 9

Paperback, illustrated

256 pages



William Graham-Smith : Creative Leaps Shape the World

The History of the Future



The history of the earth is beautiful, random and complex. It has not been a slow, evolutionary process but rather a series of creative leaps, each bringing with it a new phase in history. Human have the unique ability to make choises which themselves then influence the course of further evolution. From nothing came matter, a solar system, a world, the cerebral cortex and human communities. As communities developed, the individuals made choises: as for example the forsaking of hunter-gathering in favour of an argicultural way of life. Such choises were at first necessarily based on limited understanding and experience, and were therefor somewhat random. However, now that we have a far greater scientific understanding, our most pressing task is to use that understanding to develop ways of living that lead to the creation of a world that is well-intergrated and sustainable. This book is about the exercise of choise: evolution is partly culturally determined, and is an ongoing process in wich we participate. It is a moral issue, not just a "fact of life".



The autor William Graham-Smith has had considerable research experience in palaeontology. His previous publications include What? On Earth (Consevation Foundation).

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