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The Case Books

Second International Water Tribunal



'"All members of present and future generations have the fundamental right to a sustainable livelihood including the availability of water of sufficient quality and quantity." Declaration of Amsterdam The fundamental right to access to sufficient and clean water is frequently transgressed. Dams are built, threatening ecological balances and forcing entire communities to migrate. Industries misuse and pollute water. Mining companies cause alterations in water levels and river courses. States use water as a political weapon, exercising power by denying others access. Against this background, an international jury heard 22 cases of water mismanagement in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Pacific. Each case was supported by solid scientific and legal evidence. These cases, the jury pronouncements, and the defendants reactions are now available in the four Case Books: Dams, Pollution, Mining and Management. The series provides invaluable information for water professionals, environmental NGOs, policy makers, and students of the environment, international law, development and third world issues.'


Series consists of 7 volumes:

Environmental and Water Law in the South Dams Pollution Mining Management Declaration of Amsterdam Background and Results

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