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978 90 5727 034 5


238 pages



Ad van Dommelen : Hazard Identification of Agricultural Biotechnology

Finding Relevant Questions



This book details opposing scientific claims about the hazard identification of modern biotechnology. It offers a remedy to frustrating stalemates in the debate, by tracing back the conflicting biosafety claims to the underlying research that constitutes their experimental basis. Hazard Identification of Agricultural Biotechnology presents an applied philosophy of science that puts the focus on finding relevant questions. The potential of this pragmatic viewpoint is demonstrated by reconstructions of a number of long-standing controversies in the biotechnology debate, existing approaches to technology assessment, and current frameworks for biosafety regulation.



'"Unique and insightful; rich with examples. A valuable effort to characterize and untangle conflicting expert opinions about the possibility of biosafety. Van Dommelen offers constructive alternates that can improve scientific and policy discourse." Prof. Philip J. Regal, Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota'


Consultant Ad van Dommelen studied philosophy and science dynamics in Amsterdam and New York. He was a teacher and researcher in the Department of Applied Philosophy at the Agricultural University of Wageningen and in the Department of Theoretical Biology at the Free University of Amsterdam.

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