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978 90 5727 036 9


320 pages



Frank Boons (ed.), Leo Baas, JanJaap Bouma, Anja de Groene, Kees Le Blansch : The Changing Nature of Business

Institutionalisation of Green Organisational Routines in the Netherlands 1986-1995



There are indications that the organisation of firms has undergone considerable changes as a result of ecological pressure. However, research addressing this theme is fragmented and lacks theoretical coherence. This publication provides, for the first time, a systematic analysis and evaluation of the substantial changes in Dutch firms that have occurred in the last decade, with regard to the way in which they deal with environmental effects of their activities.

The book addresses four levels of organisational change:

(1) new conceptual models used by the organisation,

(2) new ways of acting,

(3) alternative processes of strategic decision making, and

(4) new values on which organisational members base their actions.

Changes on these levels are linked to different mechanisms of diffusion of organisational innovations, such as market selection, pressure from governmental agencies, and the influence of professional education. This provides a basis for discussing the extent to which this change is fundamental. Relevant for students and researchers in the fields of environmental management and of organisational change.



Four of the five authors work at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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