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978 90 6224 997 8

Paperback with cartoons and photographs

208 pages



Willem Hoogendijk : The Economic Revolution

Towards a sustainable future by freeing the economy from money-making



Starting from the position that current economic theory and practice, intended as they are to maximise economic growth, are at odds with the long-term interests of the planet and its inhabitants, this acclaimed book argues that the monetary basis of economic activity leads to a compulsion towards growth.

The author argues that contemporary production is negative - always dependent on relative human suffering and destruction of the environment, and always built on a monetary base. The money-must-grow system dictates the production of commodities that yield quick cash profits, while the negative spin-off constantly creates new needs which we try to meet with yet more economic activity. To free humanity from this expanding spiral of misery, Hoogendijk proposes a two-fold strategy: reducing the traditional mode of production, while constructing a more intelligent economy attuned to meeting basic (rather than derived) needs.



'"Attractive production, informal style, amusing cartoons, serious message." James Robertson - Turning Point

"A highly accessible and commendably brief book." Resurgence

"Lively and clearly written." Herman Daly

"You succeed in making things simple." Ivan Illich

"Thought-provoking, stimulating and deeply hopeful." New European'


Willem Hoogendijk is a co-founder of the 'Institute of Environmental Education' and of the 'Dutch Association for the Integrity of Creation'. He is on the steering committee of the European environmental group 'Ecoropa'.

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