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978 90 6224 879 7


256 pages



Loren S. Barritt : An Elementary School in Holland

Experiment in Practice



Loren Barritt is professor of education at the University of Michigan. He spent a year in a Dutch elementary school, studying the Dutch approach to teaching and observing how teachers make decisions in both the classroom situation and in staff meetings, and analysing the effectiveness of these decisions for the children. In contrast to the US system, the emphasis in Dutch elementary schools is not only on measurable learning achievements but also on everyday events, as these create the structures in which the child lives.



'"This book should be read in the Netherlands and in the United States. It gives a warm insight into the Dutch education system, and how it contrasts with the system in the United States." School

"Very readable, lively and often amusing." Samenwijs

"A remarkable, dynamic portrait of one school that works." William Ayers - University of Illinois at Chicago.

"An inspiring book, providing many good lessons for those of us in this country interested in the improvement of schools." Vito Perrone - Director, Teacher Education Programs, Harvard Graduate School of Education.'

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