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978 90 5727 024 6

Hardcover, photo┬┤s in b/w and colour 84 maps in b/w and colour

130 pages



Atlas of Women and Men in India

Saraswati Raju, Peter J.Atkins, Janet G. Townsend and Naresh Kumar



The diversity of India caught in maps for the first time ever, based on the latest Census figures. 84 maps and 28 tables on: the People of India; India at Work (in Agriculture, Crafts, Manufacturing and Services); Literacy and Education; Marriage, Life and Death, etc. This atlas especially tells about the condition and position of women and girls: their material conditions of existence and their social and economic standing relative to men. Supplemented by detailed appendices, texts and tables the Atlas makes 'invisible' facts accessible for a wide range of readers.

"What kinds of layers of knowledge and information do we need to unpeel before we arrive at some information about the silent majority?" Women



The authors are geographers at respectively Jawaharlal Nehru University and Durham University. Published with Kali for Women.

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