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978 90 5727 003 1


96 pages



Dick Pappenheim : Going Dutch

An Easy Guide to Dutch Business Culture for Expatriates



Every expatriate business person, diplomat or teacher who comes to work in the Netherlands has to acclimatise to the Dutch culture. People who are just 'travelling through' will not be bothered by the peculiarities of the Dutch way of life, but anyone posted to Holland for any period of time will need to learn certain things. The organisation principles in Dutch company practice, for example, are not the same as elsewhere. Going Dutch describes these peculiarities clearly and succinctly. The most important characteristics, including collective management, participation of workers in decision making processes, and non-hierarchical interactions are discussed, and are illustrated using examples taken from real situations. The author goes more deeply into a number of specific situations, including "The Management Team", the structure and legal powers of the Company Workers Advisory Body, the use of direct speak and the importance of such rituals as The Coffee Break. There is a brief outline of the historical background of the Dutch culture and the final chapter is reserved for the spouses of expatriates. A 'must' for every expatriate in the Netherlands. Also highly illuminating for people who have done business with Dutch companiesóand wondered why the experience was so 'different'.



Dick Pappenheim is an associate of the Language Institute Regina Coeli. He has worked for many years as a top man for a Dutch multinational in many foreign countries. He presents a weekly seminar on Dutch culture for expatriates.

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