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978 90 5727 017 8


304 pages



Nico Nelissen, Marie-Louise Bemelmans-Videc, Arnold Godfroij & Peter de Goede : Renewing Government

Innovative and Inspiring Visions



Renewing Government offers invaluable insights into the current debate on fundamental issues concerning innovation in public administration, crossing national, linguistic and academic barriers. The book makes intelligent and stimulating reading for teachers and students of public administration, public policy and political science, as well as for political and administrative consultants and practioners. The renewal of public administration has become a major topic in the organization sciences. The editors of this book have selected fifteen * leading scholars to bring out their innovative and sometimes surprising opinions on the renewal of government. Since they work in a number of different disciplines within the social sciences, these scholars rarely write explicitly about the subject, yet their views break new ground and enhance our understanding. The 'unearthing' of these views in the work of such important scholars gives the book its appeal. It is an excellent introduction into their work aa well as a bold overview of many new insights into the renewal of government.



* The fifteen are: Norbert Elias, Alain Touraine, Michel Aglietta (et al.), Pierre Rosanvallon, Cees Schuyt, Mancur Olson, John W. Kingdon, Robert Dahl & Edward Tufte, Michel Crozier, H. Mintzberg, David Osborne and Ted Gaebler, Robert B. Denhardt, and Robert T. Golembiewski.

The editors lecture at the Department of Public Administration and Organization Sciences at the Nijmegen University.

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