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978 90 6224 999 2


896 pages



Roger Moody : The Gulliver File

Mines, people and land: a global battleground



The mining industry is as much about people and land as it is about minerals. The Gulliver File is a directory of mining companies and their operations and a compendium of the social and environmental havoc that has been wrought by the mining industry, categorised company by company. For the first time, a researcher has used publicly available sources to piece together a coherent analysis of the impact of corporate mining activities on the environment and on the rights of indigenous peoples.


The Gulliver File is widely used by indigenous communities needing detailed information on the exploits of mining companies they themselves are dealing with. The Gulliver File

  • links the issue of mining to that of sustainable development
  • equips the reader with a handy glossary of mining terminology
  • traces the development and interests of 700 international mining companies
  • cross-references for inter-company relations
  • gives names and addresses of communities and groups opposing the mining activities

The Gulliver File is a necessary reference guide for communities opposing corporate mining, NGOs involved in the North South dialogue, and for people working on human rights, environmental, land rights, health and safety issues.



'"This facility is unique. It is also frightening in its results." Tapol Bulletin

"It is an epic piece of work and will be of much use to the whole movement." Dave Sweeney - Friends of the Earth Australia

"Roger Moody has gone to great lengths to present information that is clear, accessible, reliable, and readable." Third World Resources'


Roger Moody is a London-based activist and expert on mining and the struggles of land-based peoples and their self-chosen development. He has been actively involved in supporting these struggles for more than 20 years, and is co-founder of Colonialism and Indigenous Minorities Research/Action (CIMRA), and of the international networking organisation Minewatch. He has acted as advisor on mining issues to land-based communities in New Zealand, Australia, North America, Asia and the Pacific.

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