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978 90 5727 050 5


120 pages




Gerard J. Van den Broek : The return of the cane

A natural history of the walking stick



Apes use sticks as tools. To mankind a stick can either symbolize the greatest of powers or the inability to stand independently on two feet. Walking sticks, staffs, canes and batons have been associated with old age, piety, power and the supernatural since ancient times. With the dangerous makhila, the magic wand, the holy crozier and the mighty scepter, wood, make, symbols, and decoration are all a cultural given. It allows us to tell the world’s history step by step.



Gerard J. van den Broek is an anthropologist/semiotician (Leiden University, DSScs 1986). He was the director of two scholarly libraries and is currently working as the director of an agency of the Interior Ministry, and as an independent communications consultant. His principle research interests include the semiotics of classification systems, the anthropology of Rousseau and the aphilosophy of Enlightenment, material culture as an entrance to man’s cognition, and hunting and fishing ritual.

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