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Renewing GovernmentMarie-Louise Bemelmans-Videc Nico Nelissen & Peter de Goede9789057270178
Transition managementDerk Loorbach9789057270574€ 32.50
Carfree CitiesJ. H. Crawford9789057270420€ 19.95
Carfree Design ManualJ. H. Crawford9789057270604€ 39.95
Feed or FeedbackA. Duncan Brown9789057270482€ 24.95
The Risks We RunRoger Moody9789057270062€ 29.95
EU Environmental Policy HandbookStefan Scheuer (ed.)9789057270550€ 29.95
The end of overconsumptionM. de Geus9789057270468€ 21.00
Ecological UtopiasMarius de Geus9789057270192
Global Development: Problems, Solutions, StrategyFrans Doorman9789057270086
Classics in Environmental StudiesNico Nelissen en Jan van der Straaten en Leon Klinkers (eds)9789062249732€ 29.95
The Economic RevolutionWillem Hoogendijk9789062249978
Society, Security, Sovereignty and the State in SomaliaMaria Brons9789057270383
The Politics of Civil Society BuildingKees Biekart9789057270253
Searching for Peace in AfricaEuropean Centre for Conflict Prevention9789057270331xxxx 
The Quest for Peace in AfricaAlfred G. Nhema (ed.)9789057270512€ 49.95
People Building PeaceEuropean Centre for Conflict Prevention with Ifor and State of the World Forum9789057270291
Strategies of Dutch Environmental OrganizationsRuud Pleune9789057270161€ 32.50
The Political Influence of Global NGOsBas Arts9789057270122xxxx € 32.50
Elusive SavioursHans Heerings and Ineke Zeldenrust9789062249787
Social and Political Sciences of the EnvironmentLeroy/Nelissen9789057270314€ 14.95
Winds of ChangeRinie van Est9789057270277
Perspectives on WaterArjen Y. Hoekstra9789057270185€ 32.50
Forests in International Environmental PoliticsAns Kolk9789057270024
Mexico and the NAFTA Environment DebateBarbara Hogenboom9789057270146xxxx € 32.50
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