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978 90 5727 033 1


528 pages



European Centre for Conflict Prevention : Searching for Peace in Africa

An Overview of Conflict Prevention and Management Activities



Conflict Prevention in Africa provides an overview of initiatives taken to prevent or reduce violence. This survey covers the activities in 30 African conflicts of local and international communities, civil society and non-governmental organisations.

The book provides:

  • a unique combination of background information on the conflicts
  • details of conflict management by local, national, regional and/or international actors
  • a survey of future development
  • recommendations on how to solve the conflict from international experts or organisations
  • service information including details of leading organisations, resource contacts, publications, websites, etc.

With contributions from regional experts such as Hizkiaz Assefa and Michael Lund. The European Platform for Conflict Prevention and Transformation is a network of European non-governmental organisations involved in the prevention and/or resolution of violent conflicts in the international arena.

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