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978 90 5727 027 7


364 pages

1999, out of print


Rinie van Est : Winds of Change

A Comparative Study of the Politics of Wind Energy Innovation in California and Denmark



This book gives a detailed account of the rise of modern wind energy technology in California and Denmark. In Denmark, groups of neighbors stimulated its decentralized, small-scale use and gradual development, while futuristic looking large-scale wind farms sprouted like mushrooms on the Californian hills. However, the thriving Californian market dit not result in a succesfull American wind turbine industry. In contrast, the Danish industry currently produces more than half the world output of turbines. Rinie van Est explains the marked differences between the two countries by looking at the way in which policy makers, technicians and entrepreneurs - in interplay - shaped the development of wind power.



'"Winds of Change is a masterly work of meticulous research that could well become a classic in its field. It should be required reading for all renewable energy advocates, planners, and industry leaders alike." Paul Gipe - author of Wind Energy Comes of Age.'


Rinie van Est is both a physicist and a political scientist, working for the Rathenau Institute, the Dutch parliamentary technology assessment organization.

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